Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This is the Time

The other day I took my brood to Target.  It can be (and usually is) one of the most entertaining places to have little people in tow. (And, no, I am NOT being sarcastic.)

We arrived and as usual the carts that were made for four little people to sit in (yes, they do exist) were taken up by people with one baby luxuriously stretched across the entire four seat surface of the cart.  So, my two older girls (gasp) had to walk.  They followed along chit-chatting behind me all the way through the store.

We stopped first in the athletic section which happens to be right next to the toy section.  I had told the girls at the beginning of the trip that perhaps they could pick something out from the dollar section, my treat, at the end of the trip.  But, the toy section is not the dollar section so of course the girls immediately saw a huge, colorful, bouncy ball that they just had to have.

Negotiations ensued.  They each wanted one.  I said they could pool their resources and I'd buy one instead of a trip to the dollar section.  But Share? Oh, no, no, no.  They decided that would not be a good idea.  

"Ok then," I said, "no deal."  People perusing the aisles began to giggle at us going back and forth (my girls, I must say, respectfully) about the whole thing.

Next, we were on to the men's section for undershirts for Lucas.  We had to pass aisles of men in underwear on packaging and advertising for that, which, was to my girls THE funniest thing in the world.  They began walking the aisles like a catwalk saying in their best low voices, "I'm a MAN, in my underwear," and "Why? Why would they take pictures in their underwear?" and Norah said, "I just don't get it."  Giggling to herself and covering her mouth as we made our way through the men's unmentionables.

The same people, still perusing the aisles, still running their errands, were laughing in the aisles near us.

We passed by the women's underwear, which elicited similar snickers from the girls.   And Avery asked, "Mom, are you going to get underwear, too?"  Before I could answer, Norah said, "Avery....SHHHHHHH....Mom doesn't like us to talk about her underwear in front of other people!" (not sure where she got that from) in the loudest hushed voice you can imagine.  More laughing, more staring. 

Finally, we reached the dollar section.  Norah, uncharacteristically immediately chose her item: chocolate covered pretzels.  Avery uncharacteristically lingered, then finally settled on a flimsy, floppy, purple one dollar Easter hat.  And as she placed it on top of her head, she exclaimed, "I have ALWAYS wanted this!  It makes me look grown up."

The next day, Avery wore her hat the whole day.  She chose an oversized, patterned skirt, heavy boots, and a long jacket to complete the look.  All in all, she looked like a crazy cat lady.  She wore it when we played at the schoolyard after picking Norah up from school.  The other kids took notice. She ran up to me excitedly and said, "Jake just said I look like a WOMAN!"  Her eyes were wide and she was so proud: mission accomplished.

These days, we've entered the "cheese" phase of picture taking.  Even when I make this girl laugh, she doesn't smile her real smile for the camera. Sigh...
That night, I repeated the day over and over in my head thinking about it, and treasuring it.  This is a time when men in underwear are amusing and confusing in the most innocent way. This is a time when  to my sweet naive little girls- a purple floppy hat and an over-sized skirt, is all that is needed to be a woman.  I thought about it, and I'm thinking about it still hoping I can hold onto this time, this season, for just a little while longer.


  1. That's cute! Harper and Grant must have been cooperative for you to have taken in all the Norah/Avery conversation :) I sometimes find myself as one of the chucklers in this type of situation and when I do it makes me think of my grands and I smile.

  2. Oh know....I'm THAT mom who hogs the fancy cart with my ONE child.... ;) Love reading your stories.

    1. Haha. Yeah, Harper always wants it even if iy's just us :)

  3. Diana, without fail your blog always makes me cry with tenderhearted gratitude for being a mom and a person. Your ability to accept all of Gods blessings inspires me to trust Him in all things. ;)

    Heather Wallock