Monday, September 3, 2012

Go, Avery, Go!

After seeing her friend and neighbor across the street newly master the skill of riding his bike without training wheels, Avery proudly declared, "I am going to learn how to ride my bike without training wheels."  And that was that.  Lucas was determined to teach her, and off the two of them went over the course the next few days to learn to ride a bike.  By the end of the weekend, she was up and riding on her own. 

Go Avery!
That's our girl, growing up way too fast.

Harper wanted in on the action.
But it only took a few times to watch Avery zoom by for her to run for cover.
Thank God for Lucas!  I could never have done it.  He will definitely be teaching our teenagers to drive because I know I will be WAY too much of a basket case to endure that special brand of torture. 

But when that day comes, then just like now I'll be cheering from the sidelines,  "go, Avery, go!"

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