Monday, September 10, 2012


I will never forget when Avery had just turned two and visited the doctor with Lucas instead of me for one of her routine check ups.   I asked her how the visit had gone when she returned, and she scowled.  "That guy hurt me" she said, with bitter resolve.  We thought it was the saddest/cutest/funniest thing ever.

Well, today I had a similar experience with little  Harper, who's new word is "ow."  I took her in for  for her 18 month check up and shots this morning.  She did pretty well for the check up part but when she got her shots, she scowled at the doctor and cried a little before burying her little face in my chest.

Usually, once the shots are over, the worst is over and we can go home.  But, today we had to collect a urine sample (oh joy! you try doing that with an 18 mo. old) and return it to the doctor's later in the day. 

This afternoon when we returned, Harper showed that while she may have forgiven, she most certainly had not forgotten.  As we headed back into the waiting room and rounded the corner where the doctor was standing, Harper pointed angrily at her and shouted, "ow, ow, ow!"  All while giving her the signature evil eye of the Cherry girls.  As seemingly distracted as the other toddlers gathered in the waiting room were, I thought I might have heard a momentary pause in their play.  She had done her job; she had warned the other babies what was to come and maybe, just maybe caused a little more mayhem for the woman who (in her eyes) had hurt her.

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