Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Wide Eyed View

After school today, the older two girls were chasing each other like a cat and mouse all around the inside of the house, up and down the stairs, out and around the yard, in and out the front door.  Back and forth.

They were screaming, laughing, yelling, hitting, fighting, panting...

I, too, breathlessly followed behind them and joined in on the yelling.  Threatening and cajoling them to CUT. IT. OUT.  In the craze of it all, I lost track of Harper.

But when I realized she was missing, I looked around the house for her.  Only to find her seated right in the middle of our living room in her little, green, kid sized chair, with a bag of popcorn with a sippy cup in hand; wide-eyed and watching the action.

I want to never, ever, ever, ever forget the look on her face: part glee, part fear, part wonder at all of us.  I wish I could see us just as she had in that moment- running around in a frenzy like crazed caricatures of ourselves.

This is life. This is now. This is us. This is family.   I love it fiercely and fully...and I'm pretty sure (judging by the look on her face in that moment) that she does, too.

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